Variance of Superset Using Only Mean and Variance of Subsets

I’ve been working on a tool to perform an ANOVA test in a distributed system––the idea is that each node has a rollup of some internal statistics, but would need to compare its values with other nodes’.

Given that I already had a rollup of the statistics, I really don’t want to re-expand them for obvious reasons:

However, I was slightly wedged on this problem because the ANOVA calculation requires the variance of the entire set, i.e. the superset. I tried wiggling around with this algebraically for a while and gave up. However, searching on Stack Exchange’s statistics site proved fruitful where I found the following equation:

variance(superset) = ((k - 1) / (g *k - 1)) * (sum(subset variances) + variance(subset means)*(k*(g-1)/(k-1)))


Using this formulate to determine the superset’s variance, we only need to share node’s rollups with one another to perform our entire ANOVA test (as well as post-hoc analysis like Tukey).

Adapted from this Stack Exchange post


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